Pathfinder Society – Now Gaming at the Comic Quest!

Thursday nights at 6:00 pm til 9:00 pm at the Comic Quest within the shopping center on Morgan and Boeke in Evansville, Indiana. Monty, the owner of the Comic Quest has been so kind as to provide us a place to meet, run our game and link up with others of like mind. As we put together the membership of what will become the ” Eville Pathfinder Lodge” we are doing a bit of Pathfinder RPG until we get the numbers for a few PFS (Pathfinder Society) tables. I am currently running the Serpent’s Skull Series and the party is almost one third of the way through the first module, “Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv”.

I am welcoming back two good friends, Candice and Jack, which gamed with my crew back when they were in High School. They are friends of my daughter and although she used to play she does not game as much any more. That said I think that she is more of a DM at heart than a player. Tammy, my wife, also plays and enjoys the mechanics and challenges of the PFRPG series’. Welcoming a new member of our crew, Sean, aboard as of this past Thursday to make the party 4 person strong.

Although I do not want to add more than 6 people to the game I am wanting to add more tables and include more alternatives for play with other DMs running things and making it so that everyone get’s a chance to be in something that challenges and interests their gaming Jones.

Looking For a Group? Try the Meetup

My new friend Sean sent me a message from Paizo’s site asking if I had room in my Serpent’s Skull game. I told him I did and he has joined us and fit right on in (poor fellow) with the rest of the crew. He did me a favor, however and pointed me to the web site of the Tri State Area Gaming Guild. I won’t go into their specifics since they have a well populated site and the link is embedded, but I will say that they are working to increase the chances that a person can find a game in the Evansville area. Even if you have a group, do yourself a favor and go on over and start an account. The day may come when you want to recruit more to play and it never hurts to have “options”.

Beginner’s Box – Finally Nirvana for nOObs!

I love the Pathfinder concepts, its rich milieu, the Qadira T-Shirt… But I must admit that, for some folks, learning the game can be a bit of a challenge. It is a lot more complex than AD&D and for some people (if I mention them personally I have to sleep by myself)  it  is a bit like getting a degree. For me I bought the   tools in order to fully create and manage characters that we created. In fact you need to create your character on the Hero Lab in order to be positioned to easily bring it to a Pathfinder Society Session.  So if the Game’s the thing, but you want in fast and easy then you are looking for the

Calling to Adventurers – High Adventure awaits in Golarion!

Evansville “Eville” Pathfinder Society –

We are gaming over at the Comic Quest on Thursday Nights. I have a couple of slots left in the Serpent’s Skull adventures. We are about a third of the way through the first module of that series. Once that is over we will have options on Carrion Crown following close behind. Drop me a line at if you live in the Evansville (Eville) area and seek to make a name for yourself amongst the ranks of the Pathfinders.

Alahazra - Iconic Oracle

The Serpent’s Skull Player’s Guide

The Serpent’s Skull series is made up of 6 modules that will take a party of 4 to 6 players (on average) from level one to level 18 ish. The modules are all very well written not only for ease of management from the perspective of the DM, but also as a story of interest. I found these modules a great deal easier to prepare and read than any of the ones we ran back in the day from TSR.

One of the things that I really like is the way that Paizo put together this booklet on the series of modules from the perspective of a player. It gives the people playing the game and the characters a chance to develop characters and familiarize themselves with the melieu as if they grew up within it. This is a significant tool for DMs both experienced and new to the game in that often the people within your group can read you the way that you read them. If they have to all read the same document with no benefits from facial expressions or body language or what have you then they are more likely to formulate their own perspective on how to survive and succeed within this new and uncharted world.

The booklet “Serpent’s Skull Player’s Guide” is available in PDF format for free!  Just click on that link or this image below in order to gain access to it.


The Serpent’s Skull Player’s Guide

W O A H! I’m gettin’ Skeered!

Man o man! This new adventure path is so surreal, so macabre it makes Ravenloft look like a trip down the “Small World” ride at Disney.

Carrion Crown Wallpaper

Carrion Crown Adventures Player’s Guide

Carrion Crown Player's Guide

In the same sense, and for the same reasons as was done in the Serpent’s Skull there is a PDF player’s Guide for the Carrion Crown series.  A direct quote from Paizo on this subject is as follows:

The Carrion Crown Player’s Guide gives players all the spoiler-free information, inspiration, and new rules they’ll need to create characters prepared for the horrors of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

Within, players of this campaign will find everything they need to create character backgrounds tied to the grim events that kick off Pathfinder Adventure Path’s most horrifying series, along with new campaign-specific traits to give bold adventurers the edge they’ll need to take on the frightful country of Ustalav’s myriad menaces. New rules for employing the Harrow Deck also put the mystery and magic of that fateful fortunetelling device at the players’ disposal when they’ll need it most.

Adventurers need not venture into the darkness unprepared—gather your courage and let the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide be your first step into the nightmare of the Carrion Crown.

Domo Arigato …

The Jade Regent Campaign Series

From the Paizo Web Page:

When a decades-old secret is exposed, an unassuming local tavern-owner and a close friend of the PCs discovers her birthright is to rule one of the ancient Dragon Empires of Tian Xia—the empire of Minkai. Yet the current ruler of this empire, the mysterious and increasingly cruel Jade Regent, has no intention of giving up his hold over the throne. In order to save Minkai  from a would-be tyrant, the PCs must not only escort their friend from Varisia to Tian Xia, braving the frozen horrors of the Crown of the World, but must aid her in gaining the trust and support of a nation on the edge of anarchy.

And in keeping with tradition there is a FANTASTIC player’s guide which describes the entire milieu with no spoilers. Additionally it introduces a new system to deal with managing a caravan. The caravan has its own “character sheet” and it can level and grow and develop right along side of the players. This well received guide has gone on to improve upon the habit of deploying a players guide for all of their campaign series. Check out the fan comments there at Paizo’s site.

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  1. I just started playing a Pathfinder campaign last month. Have to say I like it so far and like the fact that you can get the books and stuff through pdf files and for a cheaper price. Though the hard covers are nice. Looking forward to playing more since it’s been awhile since I’ve played the rp games.

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