The Outer Aegris Shell
The translucent sphere seemed to pulse a sound and within there swam a glowing and eerie light which, Garn’ise felt was watching her.

The Khrn leaders assembled a team to include all the sciences they suspected they might need to analyze this effect, along with a force of marines large enough to repel any reasonable danger. The trip to the event horizon proved uneventful and despite the feeling that there soon would be some effect or force felt from this phenomenon, there was only a slight pulsing wave of energy, barely noticeable by the monitoring and tracking systems. After several weeks of testing the surface, they decided a manned probe needed to enter the shell to determine what was inside this reflective bubble. They equipped fighter craft with a sensor array and a means to transmit back to the science vessel from within the affect (they assumed the craft might slip into the Aether and fighters do not possess a near space drive). The pilot and a member of the science team were prepared and equipped, then sent in to meet whatever fate lie in store for them. A somewhat amusing anecdote, told by Khrn scientists was, tension mounted as they began the last phase of the entrance to the shell, then the stellar scientist and leader in spatial stresses exclaimed, “Feed my Gklaevah!” (Khrn beast resembling a large dog), as the ship passed through the bubble.

Excerpt from my upcoming book – “The Fragments of Benito Castinelli”

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