The Underpinnings Of Daemaah Society
Principessa Yyllyssa Giovanna Scarlotti

In order to understand the direction of the Daemaah one must understand their driving conscience. Now some have suggested that the Daemaah lack any form of conscience yet this is not the case of any creature regardless of the malice which rests in the recesses of their mind. Even if it were the case that a creature were the most wicked of beasts ever to walk the world that creature would have some code which governed its actions. And though that code of conduct may evade the understanding of all others about the creature still will the subject seek always to meet its own goals, however chaotic or dysfunctional their actions may seem. So conscience is not to be confused with any form of morality for if it is then one confuses conscience with conformity. The Daemaah do not conform to our way of thinking and though I seek not to suggest that any of their behavior should be accepted by our leaders I do feel that we must examine their culture with the an impassive mind.
It is with a mind open to receive all forms of governance and concepts of rule that I entered their society as an ambassador. In the history of our people I cannot remember any writings that report an ambassador of any people being allowed to live within their cities and then leave at their will. In fact when I was admitted to the city I was placed in a deep sleep by their mysterious clerics. At the time I felt that I should be fortunate if I awoke again not considering ever being allowed to leave. The means of travel which brought me to the outer city I know not, yet I felt outside of myself for some time following my awakening. Later I was told that, based upon the description of my condition, there were those amongst the slave contingent which suggested that I had been through one of their magical portals. I can confirm that these devices do not set well with our physiology and sickness will follow their use by a man where those of the Daemaah can come and go with no ill affects whatsoever.

Continuing to touch upon the uniqueness of my opportunity I would like to continue this journal extrapolating further upon events and conditions which allowed House Scarlotti to send myself and those in my waiting to be our voice amongst the Daemaah. For to some amongst our number we were too bold in our selection of friends. It was said that we had allowed ourselves to put too much distance between we and the Khrn under the rule of my uncle. The wise have suggested that we should review our selection of council. Well this is our time. A time which requires forward rather than lateral movement. We have dwelt upon this planet for centuries. Longer by far than we should have allowed ourselves. There are whispers of power beyond the combined force of all that dwell here within the shell. I would explore options and I would investigate that which is before me rather than to discount or pitch a chance to the wind. If these Daemaah have something which humanity might use in its quest to return home then I shall discover it ere any of the other houses might hear of its existance.
We Scarlotti women are unique, valuable and not without our own powers. One in nine generations. It has been one hundred and fourty-six years since the last female was born to a Scarlotti prince. Some see this curious condition as a chance anomaly yet I see it as a message to our people in a troubled time. I said within myself that I would be more than a curiosity or conversation piece. I have entered the den of the bear now I must convince him to not eat me. The men which rule see the designs of a woman as limiting to at best to their machinations. They placate with smiles and kind glances, biding their time for that moment when the view of a breast or some bare skin might avail itself. And in the greatest of insults they act as though that forbidden glance were stolen when they know that I am aware and uninterested in their attentions. I am too desirous for them to not glance when given the opportunity, yet too powerful for them to overtly dismiss or cajole. So with my advances in politics becoming a threat to the Lords of the Senate it was a simple matter for me to become the emissary to our newest political contacts within the houses of the Daemaah.

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