Moirah – Padrona di Sorellanza

The most sinister of monsters mixes that which is horriffic, deathly, wicked with that which is beautiful, lively, graceful. In the deepest recesses of the underdark they waited. For thousands of years they plied their craft, perfecting, developing, plotting. Would to all that is holy they had remained at that distance to us. Would that we could continue in careless states relying upon graces no longer within our grasp.
They are among us. One is missing today, two last week, more the month before. Never a word. Never any clue. Silence, deafening silence within the fog until nothing remains, save the swishing of blood in the ears and the pressure of the deepest parts of the night. Race on morning light for moments I have to draw breath and I fear even chance a prayer lest they hear me and find me in this thickening mist.

The Dark Sisterhood. Loveliest, most alluring of women. Timeless beauty upon ageless bones. Hateful core of wickedness embracing sin as a craft wrapped in such wanton, gorgeous feminine grace. Despising that form which poses as woman, giver of life, a blessing to mankind. Pillar and support to he which would aspire unto greatness. They do curse, and she above all, the form and the function of man. For their weight is too great to bear and it has severed them from humanity and the graces of Mindanto.

Mindanto creates. Mindanto loves. Mindanto gives hope unto all that call upon His name. He is blessed above all in His capacity and His certain desire to elevate and disperse love over all. But she cannot love. She cannot hope, despite her timeless ages within that hoary psyche. She cannot … create. None of her sisters can create. They are a dwindling race of super – sub humans, doomed and blessed by their own choice, steeped in regret. Minds spinning wildly out of sync with all that is right and proper and good and just. Pain in all that falls within their view. So they release that pain in the giving of pain and the destruction of all that is decent. Having crafted wickedness and deceit through maladies too numerous and horrific to bear. Each act of focused and deliberate venom another dagger through the heart of a soul long dead, tortured in a life of unlife. For even if death would come it is not possible to embrace it any longer for in order to truly die one must have a spirit to give up in the first place.

Shouldn’t I?

The Eve of Redemption

Sah'les Ah'selef - The Morning Sun

Sah'les Ah'selef - The Morning Sun


That is what she said the humans called her all those many years ago. On that day many thousands of years before Sae’rahsah was born into the light. The Matriarch ma-primae of Clan Paelor’Laer Vaesah Fleas’c Ah. Amongst an enigmatic and capricious people Gaiae was most enigmatic and capricious. One did not question her out of respect for her wisdom, position and devotion to her people. Yet her plans to visit this human had Sae’rahsah concerned for Gaiae, for he was indeed a man of immense power. His martial skills were well known and all feared to engage him, yet did he murder those which tried him as one waves aside the bees near a flower.

“Forgive me Gaiae, for I am young and unlearned, but I fear for this meeting which you plan. This man is a horror, a monster, he is as the soulless ones.”

Gaiae did not speak rather she took a breath amid the cool silence of the morning there on her balcony with the steam from her tea rising up into her strikingly lovely face. She turned slightly to the left and passed the slightest of smiles from the left corner of her radiant lips toward her ward. She returned her gaze to the tea and took a sip warming her mouth and engaging her psychic center.

“My child, your love for me is the greatest honor for its value is without measure and its giving is without request.” Gaiae sat down her tea and rose from her stool floating upon the fresh morning air the energies of her spell washing lightly over her sheer gown and long auburn hair making them to glisten there in the parted rays of the morning light from the giver. She came forth upon the lightest of breezes to near her ward and taking her hand she looked into Sae’rahsah’s deep green eyes. “I spoke to his ancestor on the eve of our woe and did whisper that which is in their hearts till this day. He will receive me and he will hear me and he will not harm me. And you shall behold the beginning of things which you shall consider and strive to understand long after you are my age.” Gaiae, lifting up slightly on Sae’rahsah’s hand began to envelop the girl in those energies which did convey her about upon the air. As the force flowed further down her torso from her hand and reached her legs Sae’rahsah felt it lift her slightly. retracting her legs into a sitting position she closed her eyes and assumed the position of service awaiting her master’s next move.

Gaiae spoke softly yet with bold tone, “Sian’bahllah vellah sah’mierrr – Sehk va sehk um laishk’Ah…”. Sae’rahsah opened her eyes to see where she had been taken, though she could assume before the portation had begun.

Tree Tops. The upper porch of Gaiae’s collossal tree home. The thin air made it difficult to breath so far up, but within the lifting spell there was fresh air circulating, replenishing, uplifting. Gaiae had never taken Sae’rahsah to this place though she knew her master came here to reflect in times of difficulty.

“Sae’rahsah, I came here when our soul was severed.” a tear ran down her left cheek and the light of the new day caught within it shown as a jewel. “I know that our people fear the humans. They fear what these – monsters – might do. But I will share with you something which I have tried to share to others along the span of time. Something which, although none could digest before, yet do I detect in you the capacity to begin to ask if not understand.” Sae’rahsah was stunned and yet honored that her master would share anything with her. All of her teaching had been given by those in service to Gaiae and not by her directly. She did not teach the use of magicks, but she did teach with a word though never was it formal in its delivery.

Sae’rahsah spoke her mind, as was the habit of a Mae, ” I am honored by your grace my Mother.” Smiling slightly and in an obvious nervous tint she looked upon her master for something she feared she was not yet ready.

“I knew Antoni Scarlotti. He was everything which his people are not. Do you remember this name my child?”, asked Gaiae without opening her eyes or casting a gaze upon the young Mae’n female. A silence and then her nod which Gaiae somhow saw despite her eyes being closed. “Antoni gave me a book which belonged to his mother. This book had been in his family for many generations of his line. In fact it actually predated our leaving Maenatae and returning. I was told by him that his mother had read it to him as a child. Upon returning here to my home I brought that book up here at night during meditation and read it. I discovered something quite wonderful and marvelous within that ancient work. I discovered that Gaael is Mindanto. I discovered that he had placed the humans upon a world like ours within a rich and fertile garden. I read on and found that Gaael walked among the male and the female and he spoke to them as he did us when we were new. As he does for yet those of us which find his favor. However, he placed a tree in the midst of their world and within it lie the means to become the confused wretches which you now see. For though He told them never to touch it and warned of their downfall should they eat of it eat they did and were sundered from the graces of Gaael.”

Sae’rahsah was awash. The revelation was powerful. That anyone might defy Gaael was unbelievable, impossible. She felt a tear roll down her cheek. Though she despised the humans she did cry for a people that would defy Gaael and embrace such a dark future.

“Yes, my child. Do not hold back those tears. Cry for this people that has fallen to such a place that they found it within their capacity to defy The Lovely One. For they were cast out of their garden and it withered over time and disappeared from the face of their world. They became vagabond wretches sloughing about the universe seeking a chance to get back that faded glory which they once had.” She continued in a quiet and labored voice. Whispering through tears, pressing on through pity.

“I vowed to help them before He ever called upon me. That is why I asked Jaeoph to give Antoni the seedling to plant in Merriccia. That is why the humans have one of our homes in their midst. That home will become the rest for a clan which is gifted. One day it will be home to gifted and donor alike.” she turned and looked at Sae’rahsah. Both were crying yet on Sae’rahsah’s face was such a look of wonder and confusion. While upon Gaiae’s determination, resolve, conviction.

“Read this book while I am away my child and take care of it for it is very dear to me. We will speak of this when I return, but you will never speak of it to another.”, Gaiae said as she gazed into the eyes of her ward.

Sae’rahsah’s mind raced. Gifted? Donor? A Joining? With the human? Though she would have questioned it she sat silently upon that breeze and forced a smile across her lips. If Gaiae wishes it who was she to question and with Gaael urging her on certainly there could be no disobedience.

“Let us go now. I must prepare your cousin, Sah’les Ah’selef for she too must make this journey.”

Beginning… Ending

Knight at the Keep

As he placed his shining gauntlet on the great door of the chamber Davaronna turned and looked over his shoulder at his king. The look on his face made it plain how he felt about leaving his King, Stephanos with this butcherer. Of all renown that this fellow held, widely was it noised Duke Scarlotti’s capacity to kill and the degree to which he reveled in such acts.
“Davaronna, I was Vincenso’s brother. We fought side by side and lived in the wild together”, Stephanos had confided in him. With a stern brow and a face of revelation Stephanos continued, “Though he could easily kill me he would not. For it was he who raised me from the dead ere I came to be once again in the company of you and my people.”

Such a thing to be given! What reply could be made to this most shocking and unlooked for revelation? That the Grace and Light of Clan Sebastian, Stephanos of the Younger, presumed dead? Yet was Davarona certain of him when others doubted, and now that all had become convinced of his royal lineage and cherished his return as did Davarona in the beginning it was all he could do to chance fate upon the blade of this monster. Oh yes, he seemed to be quite different and changed from the times Davarona had heard him speak or the last upon the fields of combat they strode, but such death and carnage as was from the Duke’s hand should not be lightly discounted by one given charge of his king.

“Davarona, The night is waning”, Stephanos continued calmly and quietly as he turned to the Duke Scarlotti. “You know, I don’t believe my good friend Davarona trusts you Vinnie.” Smiling a knowing grin that was an obvious message between they two, he continued, “perhaps you might allay any fears he has that you are a danger or any threat to me.”

It happened. But it didn’t. It looked, at first as if there was a wave of heat in the room. Now Davarona knew of the powers of Aelvin magick and of human manifestations and these appeared to be neither of those forces. It did resemble a wave of heat rolling off of the stone work streets on a hot summers day. Yet did this wave not only encompass the Duke it flowed out from him. It was part of him and it was a hatred of wrenching terror. It was as if the darkest of fears had wed the most malevolent of intentions and produced this palpable, tangible form which now consumed the Duke, nay it was becoming the Duke. Davarona felt his face wretching into a picture of horror so vivid that he did see it in his own mind’s eye and it’s vision tore at his soul. He sought to move from that spot and flee from the room, but while his mind raced within the advancing moment of terror all time about him seemed to stop. His actions no longer possessed neither beginning nor ending. That which he pondered was he free to expound upon for what seemed an eternity and in his mind did he rise and fall, live and die, fulfill and destroy. he was creating a world where his wife had not died. Where their son had not perished and he was passing the knowledge of his faith on to his fine son. Within this place lie memories of a wonderful existence and  so many joys unknown and unachieved by Davarona. A smile came over his face yet his face did not display that smile for where once that had been a man of vapor and horror and fear and reckoning now there was but a wisp of the darkest shadow gone from sight, hunting another. And with his departure did the Duke take that dream and that joy leaving in its place the reality which now seemed like the dream. Davarona longed to awake from this reality and return to that from which he came. a place of joy and love and success and belonging. he did not know that the place of joy had been a trick nor that it had taken place within his mind in the space of a portion of a second. It seemed to him so many years and so many good things which must truly have been.


He came to realize where he was. The Duke spoke from behind him, “Let me unbolt that door for you, priest. You seem… preoccupied.” Wheeling about he saw the duke there behind him, his eyes solid black where once was white and the deepest blue. a smile appeared on his face as he backed from the opening door. How did he get there? How long had it been? Wait, this was how Duke Scarlotti could kill so many men and never get a scratch? His mind raced he must have held the most blank of stares for he, looking back up at the Duke noticed the cool blue eyes and their white field had returned.

Davarona jerked and mumbled, “I… didn’t … See you… Duke Scarlotti.” it was as if he were awaking from a dream that had taken place whilst he slept a lifetime. Even now the finer points of his experience, all so fresh and real but a moment ago were quickly disappearing from memory. He strained to hold onto that wonderful dream as though in doing so it might become reality and this sad existence the dream yet he could not. He was left standing there looking into the eyes of the man who had killed many of his paladins and all but reduced the northern reaches of his homeland to a smoking battlefield. Hatred, awe then fear covered him and Davarona looked upon the Duke not as the leader of his forces looked upon their nemesis, but as a child might look upon a fierce beast. He moved quickly to leave the room and escape this frightening beast when it spoke yet again.

“Priest, you don’t want to forget this, do you?” The duke held out an engraved image of Davarona’s wife. The image was made long ago and in better times. He had always kept it in a pocket inside his breastplate. His mind raced. How could this man have taken this image from me – it would have taken him 10 to 15 minutes to have loosed the bands, removed the image and returned the breastplate to its fully functional condition.  This was impossible. It was … true. Davarona still stunned by the events took the image and stepped toward the portal when his king reminded that Davarona need not worry for his safety.

“Davarona, I suppose now you see that if he wanted me dead we would all be dead right now” The king Stephanos uttered in a cold and unsympathetic voice. “You, me and your fifty men outside.”

That which Defines

We are the sum of our parts...

“Draevan, Master, might I ask you something?” From his young face there ebbed a dark and somber light. Likened so much to that haze which surrounds Phaedra on those nights when it fills the sky unbroken by the green glow of Pronan’drae. Kl’Jraen, though yet fresh and lovely of visage, was ending his period of purification and introspection. His love for Gaena’Vierra still alive, yet not the raging fire which once ruled him bodily. The pall of that doom weighing even now upon his brow as his cold, grey eyes cast themselves upon the father of his life’s love.

“Cae’lestra mah-ak Kl’Jraen, we are bound yet unfettered, you may speak to me as you do your own heart my son.” Draevan of Cae’lestra. The Mae, the Title, The name. Within his body lie such a force that he need but carry an implement for a fortnight to bestow powerful dwoemers upon it. Yet was he, of all mae most compassionate, despite his outward power and presence.

“Father, what is death to us? What does it mean to they who pass its gates?”, asked Kl’Jraen as he considered the honorific mah-ak which Draevan used in describing their relationship. Draevan forever would speak those things which were both a joy and a woe. Always he could capture the mood which was within a Mae and force him to observe it. Does he yet call me his son? His Mah-ak?

“Death is very special to us Kl’Jraen. And not because we are taken not by time as the beasts of the field, but in spite of it.” Draevan replied as he turned his focus from the transference of energies necessary to propel a log from near the perimeter of their camp into the fire which lie nearby. Draevan was not going to allow the errant energies of the well to keep him captive. In fact his observance was that a large fire seemed capable of detouring the dangerous floes around itself and those nearby. So he began to test this notion, dangerously, as he wielded the arcane magicks necessary to move objects of considerable size with the wave of a hand. “I tell you that it is not those things which we do whilst we breathe each breath which our people shall remember rather that thing, that task which we were locked within as we took our last breath”

The words seemed to wash over Kl’Jraen as a high wave might some fellow lying upon the shore who at first seemed unmoved by its passing overhead, but quickly overwhelmed by its lingering between he and his breath. A few silent moments followed by a rather exasperated, “Master, we do not traverse these lands that we might die? Certain I am that we can convince these people of their folly and the imminent danger which awaits them. And if not of all people your daughter will listen to you and return again to the safety of her ilk and in so doing avoid the violence which grows upon our periphery!” He calmed himself quickly hoping that Draevan might no see in him that fire which till burned for the lovely Gaena’Vierra.

Dreavan  of Caellestra, looked upon the mae and smiled, as he was oft to do when he considered others and their woes, “I love her too, but I did not come on this dangerous and unlikely trek that I might gain glory. I came for a moment which belongs to me. No mae can take it from me for I have certain knowledge of its poignancy and power. I know not how that day shall end whether we face the ground and sleep here through the coming storm or if we should return a remnant to its source, but I am certain that a great moment of powerful significance is at the door of every mae upon Maenatae.” He rubbed his hands together in the direction of the warmth of his over sized fire. And leaning back against a nearby boulder he finished, “I go not to rescue a daughter from a madmae’n, not a people from destruction. I go to enter a moment which must be defined by a mae of great power. I am that mae, and my moment is at hand”

The New Testament Brotherhood

” … Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away…”

Mae’n Librium of Xenological Studies, Lexicon of Humanity, Ref.,
Christo – Jesus, New Testament Progenitor. Deity of the New Testament Brotherhood

Prior to our departure from earth, it has been said, that men no longer called upon the name of Mindanto and that we had become sufficient in power and in grace to have no need of the “love of God”. I have read the references of our brother, Samueal Glenn and found this to be very near to the truth. References to worship of the time suggesting that many which worshipped Him were considered too unstable for travel outside of the inner reaches of the current regime. Indeed such persons were monitored and never allowed gate travel unless they were restrained. The fear that one so imbalanced as to believe in a ghost may attempt to reverse a gate junction and violate temporal protocols.

I should like to review some of the keynotes of the time of our jump and consider that society which we left unto its own destruction. We who were beloved of Mindanto. We whom He saw fit to save from slavery by the mighty arm of his servant, Azerbaijan. He who now has seen us make contact with the remainder of his creation, here at the center of his mind. We are his children, yes, but is he yet proud of us? Or does he once again rue the day that he gave us life?

Jean-Claeve Monroe, Minister of Life, New Testament Brotherhood

Studies of Faith, Proof of Resolve – LoH ref. 879923421*342853

The Essence of Original Man

“You people, in your arrogance, speak of original man, as if by linking your cause to some distant memory or conception of the idea you might legitimize immortality in the physical sense. You are not the brave messengers of a bold and forward looking humananity, rather you are the frightened and pitiful leaders of the damned. Too afraid to die and face judgement, you seek to stay within this place forever defying the will of the Son of Man.”
Jean-Claeve Monroe, Minister of Life, New Testament Brotherhood

Not all that glitters is gold. For centuries and into the millinia mankind has sought to return to his original, immortal state. Yet there are those which consider a move to immortality to be something which we, as a people, are not prepared to embrace. That upon extending our lives beyond the current 150 to 200 years that we now experience, we will become simple pleasure seekers, indulgent, cruel, twisted.
Perhaps no one has looked about, but we are facing such behavior now. Is then immortality to blame for the weaknesses of men? Or perhaps we fail to face that which even they who lead our people into their existence. Within men there exists a soul. All factions agree upon this and accept it as a fact. The thing which seems to be outside of common understanding is what we are truely fashioned for, who we really are. A people unaware of where they came from, where they are going and who they are. We grope, in the dark after a notion which we assume will unify us and propel us to victory over our soulless foes. Perhaps before we strike out on this latest of human crusades we might consider answering those simple, yet necessary questions.

Azerbaijan and the White Witches

“I have determined that I shall never again attempt to create another being for such is the roll of The Creator. I shall henceforth limit my concerns to that task which I am capable. I shall simply nudge that which He has made in the direction which He would have them go.”

      Azerbaijan speaking to his servitors of the Birth of the 7 Witches of the Coven of Light

     It was never the desire of Azerbaijan that the 181 women of the great Library of Knowledge should depart from their purpose yet it was, as things often turn out, their end. For over 300 years the women held to their charge ensuring the hope of a return to the lofty level of scientific capacity which mankind once enjoyed. They labored together in symbiotic connection speaking and listening, sharing and understanding the unending volumes of knowledge implanted within their collective psyches. There was not enough time to catalog nor to order the data which Azerbaijan had stolen from the repositories upon Earth prior to their departure. Once they had arrived he had nearly lost all of it when he fell into the rest which was required after that great transit. So it became necessary to quickly find a storage facility capable of holding this valuable cargo so that nothing might be lost. After some time and consideration it was determined that only within the minds of a number of females might they save the information for future generations.

      He knew that there would need to be alterations made to the women and in that he felt compelled to inform them of the irreversable path upon which they which would accept the chage now set foot upon. Calculations and models suggested that 181 individuals would be capable of providing the necessary storage and fault tolerance for all of the data long enough to convert it into a proper medium to facilitate long term storage. This task would take a long time in order to complete. Far longer than any of the women would be able to live. So their lives were extended at the cost of some other elements of their humanity. None of the women could ever reproduce for the process left them sterile. The sacrifice was great, but the times being what they were produced a number of heroines which stood to the fore in order that all which followed might have a hope to return to greatness and, should any dare, a day which would see them triumph over the soul-less ones.

       Sadly as time progressed and the project to move the knowledge into its final vessel came to a close the women left in the service of “The Coven”, as they had come to call it, discovered that without the demands of the knowledge that they once carried and the constant communication between one another ordering and sorting the myriad messages and texts they were completely and utterly empty. Empty, devoid of any part of that once demanding vocation. To many it was as if the voices of thousands of persons had suddenly been silenced. Some went insane and did unspeakable and horriffic acts, for their powers of telekinesis and telepathy were phenomenal. Yet others, when they saw what was done by their sisters could not bear the stresses and destroyed their sisters and themselves. Yet others held that though their task was complete and that this test was sore upon them the day would again come that they might assist humanity. Yet was there one group of these mistresses of the mind that determined that they would take the reigns from Mindanto and forge mankind in a direction which they felt should be his end. For they were the most powerful of these women and they did see themselves as beyond humanity and above any judicial sanctions which men might place upon them.

      So the Sisters of Malice moved out into the recesses of the world and, using the forces of the Aegris Well did mask their covens from even Azerbaijan. Although he would have longed to put and end to this sad end, yet he could not for there remained a force of women which yet succomed not to insanity and sought to serve still if they might. And these Were to become known as The Sisters of Light. It was they which he embued with the power to overcome the other more powerful women of the Sisters of Malice. However not in one or just a few did this power lie for it had been determined that they were not yet capable of maintaining a connection to humanity if that power which they used was believed to be unstoppable. So he fashioned them that in gorups of 7 they could never be overwhelmed by any mental force save that of his own or they which were of the Collossi. An now, though they might be destroyed yet have some of these dark creatures found those means by which they might embue their forces into objects of great value and strength unto that day when a hapless mind comes in contact with them and once more they live .

Demon’s Wrest Chronicle – New Release

Well, I am still waiting on the US Copyright office. Of course I am certain that my little request is not the only one that they are working on. Still one gets a tad on the “antsy” side when waiting on news from such a place as this. On a positive note, at least someone will read the DWC Fragment 2.

    What? A machine reads the works and checks for the copyright? Well, there is a piece in the work about machines taking over on the dwarven home world. Perhaps the machines will like that message and tell their friends. Till then itz on to book one and its re-organization. Book one is holding me up. I have book two all put together and ready to start fleshing out and I cant get in the groove with book one. I suppose I need to head back down to the Donut Bank where I can drink coffee and write like a mad man. I dunno what it is about that place, but whenever I go there I can crank out the underpinnings of a full book in the space of a morning or I can chop out 2 or 3 chapters of first pass test in that time. Odd. The place just gets me rolling.

The Demon’s Wrest Chronicles – Editing almost done

     Back in the saddle again …

Well I am well into the editing process of “book two” more accurately referred to the Development of the People – Fragment Two of the Demon’s Wrest Chronicles. Now that certainly ‘sounds’ impressive, but in fact it is simply a snapshot of a small portion of the two races that share the world of Maenatae and more specifically the Sardistian Reaches with the remnant of humanity in or about the year 24993C (24,993 years since creation) which is around 21,200 AD here at home. Yeah, that is way off in the future. I suppose that my writing of events so far into the future makes me a sort of “glass half full” kinda guy. Many see doom, gloom, apocalypse or what have you in our future. I see mankind rather in the light presented in the inspired and divine writings of Exodus. We rise to heights of glory and enjoy the most savory of fruits and then forget how we got there and who it is that allows us refuge at such lofty heights. So we fall into the abyss. It is at the time of lost hope that men define themselves as reaching out to the Creator. We seek forgiveness and an opportunity to once again lie against his breast. We look to rise again to be what we might if we are permitted.


The Flame of Love

The Flame of Love

         Mankind has a gift which rarely does he access. That gift is the spirit which was gifted him at creation. A particular notion comes to mind when I think of what we are capable of as a people…  

“And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”  Genesis 11:6

This work is in no way a complete look at such an expanse of time rather it chronicles a number of key events so that I might order events properly for the other works that I have in mind later. You see, I have so much rattling about up there in my head that if I do not record it then I am likely to not properly reference it later when I write the books I have in mind dealing with the latest of the Dukes of House Scarlotti, Vincenso Marcuso Scarlotti.

      More on this as the edit draws to a close.

Its all about Sin, Suffering and Redemption (part 3)

The Demon's Wrest at sunset

The Demon's Wrest at sunset

          The greatest mystery can often be traced back to a single unique event that foreshadowed a much greater event or series of events. So it is with the chronicles of the Demon’s Wrest. The events which transpire behind the cold grey dwarven forged walls have not their own ilk to thank for their current and mysterious condition. These events were forged upon the breaths and gestures, minds and motions of an endless sea of humanity striving and scraping with all the feverish energy of a hatchling breaking into a new and compelling world.

         There exists no simple means of explaining the action of the epochs which have dragged men to this point atop a rocky precipice poised to take flight into that domain which awaits or to fall to a certain and thankless doom. And seeing that we stand there as a race and thereby having the knowledge of a history which has prepared and shaped us to this end, in no simple means, grants unto those facing that doom anything more or less than simple realization. Realization of responsibility and a faith in the genetic memory reaching back across generations of leaders, visionaries, statesmen, poets and rogues. Indeed men of all walks and all fashions of craft who, through their undying effort and determination, strove to make their mark upon the granite capstone of the seplchre of all mankind. And in doing so perhaps that individual may discover that it is in him that we as a creation not only feel the shifting stones atop that pinnacle of destiny, but that in that moment feel the ground move away beneath them as they take flight and wing all of us, even to our earliest ancestor, into the arms of destiny.

        Samuael comforted AZJ in those difficult times after the failure of the enclave to subordinate him to their combined will. Azerbaijan had a destiny and it was this destiny which propelled him having seen the living God and realizing that even he was a very insignificant creature in the grand scheme which played out in the Mind of Mindanto. Samuael reminded AZJ that in faith he rested his hopes for not only men, but for an after life and an existence that should take them above the calamity of the soulless taskmasters now suppressing all of mankind. Many times AZJ had sought to escape the confines of the mental prison in which these of his linage had bound him, yet together they had held him in restraint. It was through the teachings of Samuael and his New Testament Brotherhood that AZJ found the strength of inner being that allowed him to make that final connection to that great and unfathomable mind which encompasses our every fiber. In not only the  making of that connection, but in the understanding of it AZJ was able to connect to that element of his own mind that had escaped him up unto that point. It is not enough to be shown a thing, but rather one must digest their own condition and in so doing become one with it and gain all of the benefits which were held in secret against that day of understanding. Despite his agreeing to allow further strands of his own genetic combination to be extrapolated upon, and in so doing accept the root hatred of the sin against mankind, AZJ steeled himself for the act of accepting his own forgiveness and embracing the possibility of salvation for deeds too terible to bear. It was in Samuael that he found the grace and compassion indeed the connection necessary to reach across that great void and determine to pull himself out of despair. And in that moment of personal salvation, be granted an everlasting and ever present immortality bound to the material as a minion of the Most High. Doing the work and cleaning up the mess which he himself had a part in, but preparing a means for escape and redemption of the race of men in some distant land in a day of His choosing.

                     So to the surprise of all which held him in captivity and beyond their scope of understanding Azerbaijan, AZJ, subject specimen AR2163G-L2R gathered unto himself the chosen of Mindanto and from within the vision of a mind that sees all transported they who are name the Favored to the continent of Barjia. Upon the planet Maenatae, in the system of the Giver, which is  nestled in the arm of Saer’daerin within the galaxy of Glohs’O, nearest the heart of universal galactic cluster which rests in the Mind of Mindanto.

                                “certainly you are not surprised by that which you yourself have seen? Your powers, great as they might be are a foretaste of that which shall come to men upon that great day of deliverance.”

                                          Samueal T. Glenn, Minister New Testament Brotherhood to AZJ (circa 6941)

                                                                             12 minutes after the jump

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