MWO, You Gotta GO!

About a year ago I began playing Mech Warrior Online. Lots of excitement and realism in the game. It reminded me of the military where one gets to travel all over, meet interesting people and kill them. The good thing here is these deaths were not at all final, and that was very good.

Templars Bangin' Doors

Templars Bangin’ Doors

Sadly this game is one of those you read about that is “AllaboutTheMoney”. While it is technically free to play there are fees required to expand the number of mechs you can own and the cost of new mechs, color schemes and, well, basically anything you might want is greedily high. I say all that to warn off parents and people that have loved ones who have a credit card. I knew people, and not just a handful, but easily 15% of the people that you met and over 50% of all “Founders”, who had spent well over $3000 dollars to play this game.

Kinda funny how President Obama, in his infinite wisdom and with his vast work experience, went after banks when the obvious fleecing of the common man (and woman) is taking place via the internet. While I did not invest nearly to that degree, some $120 over my two year stretch of playing, I do feel some pain for those which did and went away both angry and disillusioned. Few I saw, prior to unloading the game were people I had met in the beginning of play. For one thing the game is only just now beginning to show signs of coming out of beta. Indeed, it is amazing that I actually paid what I did in order to play a game not even proven beyond beta.

Well, no more. There are too many challenging and viable games to play to waste money and time on this “back alley crap shoot” ran by people with a loan shark’s soul. It was fun for about 2 or 3 weeks in there – the rest of it was boring runs to make enough to have a shot at competing, but then that is another story which need not be told since I won’t be playing any longer.




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